ICS4U: Computer Science

Grade 12, University course extends the concepts covered in ICS3U with more theoretical computer science topics, including object-oriented programming, data structures and algorithm analysis.

ICS3U: Introduction to Computer Science

Grade 11, University course introduces students to fundamental programming concepts and basic algorithm development. Other topics, including environmental issues and career opportunities, are explored.

MCV4U: Calculus and Vectors

Grade 12, University course is split into two halves: one covering limits and differential calculus, and the other covering vector concepts including physical applications of vectors and equations of lines and planes.

MHF4U: Advanced Functions

Grade 12, University course expands on the material from MCR3U, and introduces additional concepts such as polynomial functions, rates of change, logarithms.

MDM4U: Mathematics of Data Management

Grade 12, University course is split into two halves: one covering counting and probability, and the other covering statistics and mathematical modelling.

MCR3U: Functions

Grade 11, University course covers many different types of functions, including quadratic, exponential and sinusoidal. Discrete functions are also examined, as well as their use in financial applications.

MFM2P: Foundations of Mathematics

Grade 10, Applied course covers linear relations and systems, trigonometry and quadratic relations. Algebraic skills, including factoring, are also emphasized.